Body Hair Reduction

Body Hair Reduction

Eliminating hair from your body used to be a hassle – but not anymore! Getting the smooth skin you deserve has just gotten easier, thanks to the Sciton Forever BBL® system. This device uses targeted wavelength energy to remove hairs at their source, giving you long-lasting results each and every time. Schedule an appointment at a sAge location near you to learn more about this laser treatment and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


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How Does Body Hair Reduction Work?

BBL® works by delivering gentle wavelengths that target pigment within the hair shaft while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. The device’s in-motion technology, large spot size, and enhanced cooling sapphire chill tip make for a fast, comfortable, and effective treatment – much better than traditional razor and wax shaving! The BBL® is effective for skin types I-V.

Body Hair Reduction With Forever BBL®

A session with BBL® starts with the application of a topical gel. Once your skin is prepped, the device’s handpiece will be passed along the treatment area. Unlike traditional laser hair removal, Forever BBL® uses multiple, lower-fluency pulses at a high repetition rate for a quicker, more effective treatment. The device’s motion technology allows us to evenly heat hair follicles and minimize missed areas.

What Results Can I Expect?

Our hair reduction sessions can provide long-lasting results after only 6-8 visits. Once the hair begins to grow back, it will become finer than before. We can provide follow-up sessions to help you maintain your results for the long haul.

Schedule Body Hair Reduction Treatments

If you’re in need of body hair reduction, we can help. We offer body hair reduction treatments to eliminate hair and give you the silky-smooth skin you deserve. If you are interested in removing hair from your body, get in touch with a sAge location near you. We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal beauty goals!

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