Jawline Slimming

Jawline Slimming

Having a robust jawline is commonly viewed as a masculine trait. That said, some people prefer the opposite and desire a less pronounced jawline. If you fall in the latter category, you’re in luck! At sAge Aesthetics and Well Being, we offer jawline slimming services using Kybella®, Sciton SkinTyte®, and neuromodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic.


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What Is Jawline Slimming?

Jawline slimming involves the relaxing of the muscles of the masseter. These muscles are located on the sides of your jaw. They are responsible for helping you chew and can become larger through chewing exercises. Those who prefer a slimmer face opt for a masseter relaxing procedure. These procedures can be performed in a variety of ways.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Neuromodulators are one of the most effective options for slimming the jawline. These treatments are minimally invasive and made of botulism toxin, temporarily disrupting nerve signals in the muscle. The temporary disruption makes it difficult for your muscles to contract, and thus they become more relaxed. 

When the masseter muscles relax, they appear slimmer than before. Other options, such as Kybella® and Sciton SkinTyte®, can enhance this effect by reducing targeted fat in the area and contouring the lower face.

What to Expect

On average, the jawline slimming results delivered by injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic last about 3-4 months. This time may vary from patient to patient. Certain treatments like Kybella® and SkinTyte® may require multiple sessions to achieve the best results. We will discuss your treatment course and what you can expect in greater depth during your visit.

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