Rough, dull, pigmented skin can now be rejuvenated thanks to the magic of The SaltFacial®. This amazing, non-invasive treatment uses natural sea salt to refresh your skin and eliminate pigmentation issues. Sessions are relaxing, and no downtime is needed after treatment. Stop by, relax, and enjoy the results here at sAge Aesthetics and Well Being. Schedule a consultation at a sAge location near you today.


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What Is The SaltFacial®?

The SaltFacial® is an amazing three-step treatment for ultimate skin rejuvenation anywhere on the body, and it’s safe for any skin type. The process is simple!

Sea Salt Resurfacing – Pure organic sea salt is applied to your skin using positive-pressure flow technology. This promotes uniform resurfacing.

Aesthetic Ultrasound – Aesthetic ultrasound is used to nourish your skin and increase circulation. This step replenishes vital nutrients and antioxidants and enhances results when used with topical treatments.

LED Phototherapy – High-powered LED phototherapy is used to rejuvenate the skin and improve circulation for an instant glow!

Is The SaltFacial® Right for Me?

The SaltFacial® works with any skin type and is completely non-invasive. If you want to improve the texture and youth of your skin, this treatment may be an excellent choice. Get in touch with our team here at sAge to learn more and find out if you’re a candidate.

What Results Can I Expect?

This treatment is natural and effective at treating a variety of skin issues. In some cases, several sessions may be needed to get the best results. The SaltFacial® is an excellent choice for addressing:

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Enhance the beauty of your skin with the magic of The SaltFacial® today! This treatment is non-invasive and effective on any skin type. To get started, find your nearest location and fill out the form below to schedule your appointment.

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