Sciton SkinTyte® Body Contouring

Sciton SkinTyte® Body Contouring

Our bodies are a reflection of our inner worlds. Does your body reflect what you want it to? Sciton SkinTyte® body contouring is an innovative, non-invasive option for tightening the skin on your body and shaping it in a manner that fits your beauty goals. At sAge, we strive to create a balance between the inner and the outer. Let us help you strike that balance by booking your appointment at sAge today.


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What Is Sciton SkinTyte®?

Sciton SkinTyte® is a non-invasive treatment that uses uniform, targeted, and deep heating to tighten skin and contour your body. This heating process stimulates your skin’s healing response – triggering a process that improves your look over time. A single pass alone can address the overall appearance of the skin.

Is Sciton SkinTyte® Body Contouring Right for Me?

SkinTyte® is safe for a wide variety of patient types. However, certain precautions should be taken if:

  • You are sensitive to light
  • Take antibiotics known to increase sensitivity to sunlight
  • Take Accutane/isotretinoin
  • Are pregnant
  • Have an active infection or compromised immune system
  • Have a history of keloid scarring

What Results Can I Expect?

Results can vary depending on the individual, treated area, and the settings used. It takes an average of three months to see significant results after completing a SkinTyte® treatment series. Once that’s done, you can notice tighter skin and a more beautiful body shape.

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Begin your journey today by booking online. We offer services that care for your body, mind, and spirit. Treatments are non-surgical and always geared toward helping your inner beauty shine.


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