SECA Body Scan

SECA Body Scan

Body composition analysis has proven invaluable in understanding the state of bodily systems and aiding patients in reaching their potential. In the past, getting a clear image of your body’s ins and outs required a series of blood tests, scans, and measurements. Now, thanks to the SECA mBCA 554, you can get a comprehensive analysis of your body after only a brief, non-invasive scan. Combined with cloud technology, this system makes managing your health a breeze. Get in touch with sAge to learn more about this device.


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What Is SECA Body Scan?

The SECA mBCA 554 uses ultrasound length measurement technology to get a reading of your body. It calculates information like your muscle, fat, and water mass, among other factors. All of this is made available to you through cloud technology, which is easily accessible whenever you need it.

Is SECA Body Scan Right for Me?

A body scan is an excellent choice for getting a complete picture of your body. This system can provide you with valuable data to understand the health of your body. If you’re concerned about your weight or are questioning if your exercise efforts are making a difference, then a seca body scan can help. The data offered provides invaluable information to help you adjust your diet and lifestyle.

What is The Process Like?

The SECA mBCA features handrails and a large glass platform embedded with LEDs to help guide you to where you need to stand. During the measurement, you will simply be asked to stand on the platform while the device does its job. It only takes 24 seconds to measure your body and transfer data to our EMR software. From there, your information can be accessed on any computer device, smartphone, or tablet. It’s as simple as that!

Book Your SECA Body Scan Today

Giving your body the care it needs is difficult if you’re unaware of your status. With a SECA body scan, you can get the valuable information you need to make a conscious choice for your health. To get started, book online to set up your appointment at sAGE just outside of Chattanooga, TN.

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