Your skin is an expression of who you are; it should feel beautiful to you. Sometimes, concerns like melasma can crop up and disrupt the look of our skin. If that’s the case with you, we can help. At sAge, we offer many options to help you pamper your skin and express the look you want. Our treatments are non-surgical and rarely require downtime. Explore all of our options today by connecting with sAge.


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What Causes Melasma?

Melasma is caused by the production of overactive cells. Cells become overactive when they’re exposed to too much UV radiation or major hormonal changes (such as those experienced during pregnancy). 

How this condition begins and how hard it can strike is tough to determine before symptoms appear. The dark spots that characterize this issue may show up very slowly or appear suddenly and without warning.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Exfoliating treatments like SaltFacial® and chemical peels can serve as great options for ridding your skin of dark spots. These treatments take little time to perform and are typically relaxing. Other options like microneedling or treatments using our Sciton devices can also be helpful. These are especially great if your condition is severe.

What to Expect

The SaltFacial® and chemical peel treatments involve you relaxing in a comfortable chair while we do all the work. The solution is applied to your skin to trigger the exfoliation process. Then your skin is cleansed, giving you a beautiful result. 

Microneedling and Sciton treatments are similar but involve using handpieces against the skin. These treatments trigger long-term rejuvenation effects and can be repeated until you reach your desired result. 

Book Treatments for Melasma

If you have dark spots on your skin due to melasma, our treatments may be right for you. At sAge, we offer minimally invasive and non-invasive options to help you feel your absolute best. Connect with our team today to explore our options and discover your ideal beauty.

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Begin your journey today by booking online. We offer services that care for your body, mind, and spirit. Treatments are non-surgical and always geared toward helping your inner beauty shine.


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